You can finally buy Spider-Man Remastered on its own for PS5

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It’ll also only be available digitally (pic: Sony)

There’s still no Spider-Man 2 trailer, but fans can look forward to a prequel comic and a standalone launch for the original’s PS5 remaster.

Back when Sony announced Spider-Man: Miles Morales, it also revealed it had made a PlayStation 5 remaster of the 2018 game that took full advantage of the new hardware.

Any excitement fans had for it, though, quickly deflated when Sony admitted that you could only play it by buying Miles Morales’ ultimate edition for £70, with no free upgrade to speak of… and this was when Sony was actually offering those.

Today, Sony and Insomniac Games have announced a change to those plans: the remaster is finally getting a standalone release this month and there is an upgrade path for anyone who bought the PlayStation 4 version.

Of course, Sony doesn’t like giving away free upgrades any more so you will still need to fork over £10.

If you never bought the original, you fortunately still won’t have to spend £70 on it as Sony’s selling it for $49.99. That’s about £40 but Sony has yet to share official UK pricing so don’t be shocked if it winds up being £50 instead.

This is obviously being done to help catch people up ahead of Spider-Man 2’s launch later this year. The game still hasn’t had a new trailer since its 2021 announcement, though you can likely expect one at the rumoured PlayStation showcase this summer.

Spider-Man 2 prequel comic cover Peter Parker Miles Morales swinging on webs

Will this be required reading? (pic: Marvel)

Sony and Insomniac have also announced a prequel comic book that will launch for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 6 but details on that are just as thin on the ground.

Aside from showing what Peter and Miles have been up to since the Miles Morales game, the comic will also have Mary Jane play a pivotal role as they face a villain known as The Hood.

The Hood is an established character from the Marvel comics and his inclusion is somewhat interesting as his powers are supernatural.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man games have been fairly grounded (at least as grounded as superhero games can be) and never involved any sort of magic. Although a cameo by Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum confirms that magic is a thing in this setting.

Whether this means The Hood will pop up in Spider-Man 2 or if magic will have any sort of role in the game’s story is unclear. In fact, there’s a lot about Spider-Man 2 that still needs explaining, with the only real bit of information Insomniac has shared is that classic Spidey villains Venom and Kraven are in it.

You can learn more about the comic and how you can read it for yourself over on the PlayStation Blog.

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