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“You Guys, Gateway Pundit, Were the Guys Who Supported Me!” – Judge Napolitano Remembering When He Was Attacked for Claiming Obama Spied on Candidate Trump

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Judge Napolitano joined The Joe Hoft Show on Real Talk 93.3 and discussed Obama spying on the Trump campaign and Administration as well as the current situation in Ukraine. 

Judge Napolitano shared today his thoughts on current events as well as news from five years in an interview with Joe Hoft.  Judge “Nap” began by discussing his accusations on March 14, 2017, that Obama used foreign intelligence agencies to spy on President Trump.  This was big news five years ago.

Judge Napolitano: Obama Went to British Intelligence to Spy on Trump (VIDEO)

After Judge Nap made these accusations he was taken off air for a period of time.  Recently, more information has been released by the Durham investigation indicating he was right.   Judge Nap shared:

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I don’t know if you remember, on FOX News I accused the British Intelligence agents of doing a favor for the Obama Administration and CIA for spying on candidate Trump and hell broke loose.  The judge is crazy.  Where the hell is he making up this stuff from?

YOU GUYS!  Gateway Pundit were the ones that supported me when some British intelligence agents said, hey that judge in New York that’s being crucified, he’s right…Gateway Pundit defended me.

Judge Nap went on to discuss John Durham’s investigation and noted that he has evidence that Obama was spying on Trump during his candidacy and Presidency.  The spying on US politicians by the UK was discussed.

Judge Nap is a libertarian and he discussed the actions in Ukraine next.  He discussed sanctions and boots on the ground and his thoughts on the matter.  This was an excellent interview.

Listen to the entire interview below:



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