Saturday, November 26, 2022

YouTube Deletes NELK Boys Interview with President Trump After 24 Hours and 5 Million Views

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President Donald Trump was interviewed in the most recent episode of the YouTube prank squad Nelk Boys’ podcast, Full Send Podcast.

The video was released on Wednesday.

According to Yahoo –The Nelk Boys are a group of YouTubers known for provocative prank and party videos peppered with crude, bro-culture jokes. Their main channel, which launched in 2010, has over 7 million subscribers and 1.15 billion views.

President Trump called the NELK Boys to the stage in October 2020 during a rally.

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The NELK Boys video interview with President Donald Trump had 5 million views in its first day.

Then YouTube deleted it.

This is who they are. They can’t let the most popular president in history appear likable, funny, and cool.
So they deleted the video.

The NELK Boys tweeted this out earlier today.

Here is the full NELK Boys interview with President Trump on Rumble.
Thank God for Rumble!

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