Saturday, November 26, 2022

Zelenskyy is rallying ‘the world,’ Biden is leading from the ‘rear’: Rep. Michael Waltz

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Rep. Michael Waltz told “Hannity” Tuesday that if the U.S. would have supplied Ukraine with more military equipment weeks ago, we would be in a “very different place.”

REP. MICHAEL WALTZ: President Trump also understood deterrence, and as Iran was ramping up, attacking international shipping, attacking energy supplies, even attacking our embassy, he took out Soleimani and authorized that operation and Iran was quiet ever since. In this case, I just want to say one additional thing on the on the Stingers. … They didn’t get them soon enough. They’ve been begging for them for months. We were briefed in the Armed Services Committee that the United States couldn’t send them stingers because we didn’t have the type of variant that had some classified technology on it. Therefore, we couldn’t give it to them. Now here we are, eight weeks later, finally giving it to him. You know what the problem was? Three screws to take a part off. That’s what it took the administration months to figure out. And imagine if the Ukrainians had had those stingers on the rooftops on day one. So I agree with you not one American boots on the ground, but this administration is too little, too late. And they also asked for anti-ship missiles to defend their ports. … They didn’t receive them. If they had had those, we’d be in a very different place in the Black Sea, too. So they’re trying to make up for it now. But it’s Zelenskyy that is rallying Europe and rallying the world. Not Biden who’s leading from the rear. 


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